Years 9 & 10

Curriculum Overview

Year 9


There are 6 classes in Year 9; 3 in X Band / 3 in Y Band


RE and English are set in the same curriculum block and follow the setting in English.


Science has its own curriculum block, pupils receive lessons in Separate Science subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and are expected to study these throughout KS4. The intention is for all pupils to gain 3 GCSE qualifications. Pupils receive 4 lessons per fortnight for each discipline.


PE follows the same structure as Year 8 with 3 mixed gender classes within each band.


The allocation for English and Mathematics is reduced by 1 lesson a fortnight in KS4.

Year 10


There are 6 classes in Year 10; 3 in X Band / 3 in Y Band


Year 10 is identical in structure to the structure in Year 9.


PE however is the only difference which is taught in gender classes. This allows the pupils to receive more bespoke teaching where sporting subject specific lessons can be delivered. There is also 4 classes per Band.

Curriculum structure for Years 9 and 10 at St Hild's

Years 9 & 10 Curriculum