At St. Hild’s Church of England School we aim to provide all of our pupils with a world class education in a Christian context. 

We expect to find God at work in our school.

Key learning principles:

We have high expectations for all learners and we acknowledge that every member of our school community is a life-long learner.

It is imperative we nurture growth mind-sets so that pupils understand that their abilities can be developed, and that effort leads to success.

Teaching, learning and assessment strategies allow every pupil to access the curriculum regardless of ability or prior attainment.

Assessment for learning is fundamental in our approach to teaching, learning and assessment.

It is vital we maintain a commitment to the continuous improvement and development of teaching,learning and assessment and therefore opportunities for staff to develop and improve teaching and learning underpin all aspects of CPD.

School Improvement Priorities:

Our commitment to achieving the highest quality teaching and learning experiences for our students is fundamental in addressing our current priorities of:

• Improve the quality of teaching so that it is at least consistently good in order to raise attainment across all subjects, for all key groups, especially for boys, low ability and pupil premium pupils.

• Develop pupil engagement (behaviour for learning).

• Improve the effectiveness of leadership and management at al levels.