Staff at St. Hild's School

Staff Member Department / Area of Work Role
Mrs S. Anderson SEND SEND Admin Assistant
Mr L. Armstrong SEND/Maths SENDCO
Mrs H. Ashman Science Teacher
Mrs K. Bailey English Teacher/Assistant Year Leader
Mr J. Beckett Food Technology Technician
Mrs C. Britton Food Technology Technician
Mrs D. Bulley Library Senior Librarian
Dr R. Bulmer Science Subject Lead
Miss J. Cain Main Office Exams and Data Manager
Mr R. Cambridge Computing Subject Lead
Mr B. Carlin Technology Technician
Mrs L. Chappell Main Office Admin Assistant/ Receptionist
Miss N. Coles Maths Teacher/ Assistant Year 8 Leader
Mrs G. Conroy SLSA
Mrs B. Coulson Travel & Tourism Teacher
Mrs D. Crannage Art Lead Practitioner/ Teacher
Mr G. Crannage Art Subject Lead
Mrs D Ellison Maths Teacher
Mrs E. Espley Finance Office Business Manager
Mrs J. Fletcher Community Manager
Mr J. Fox Maths Subject Lead
Mrs J. Galloway English Teacher
Mrs J. Garforth Maths Teacher
Mr J. Gibbon-Hayes Student Services Year 7 Leader
Mrs T. Gibson Science Headteacher
Mr M. Gillies SLSA
Miss W. Goodier SLSA
Mr I. Hall Engineering Teacher
Mr M. Harrison Music Teacher
Mr A. Hedley Technical Services Technician
Miss N. Hester Maths Teacher
Mrs M. Hodgson Main Office Admin Assistant/ Receptionist
Mrs K. Hockaday RE Teacher
Mrs L. Hornby Student Services Year 9 Leader
Mrs J. Huntington Student Services Attendance Officer
Miss C. Hurst History Subject Lead
Mr G. Izzett Site Supervisor
Mr D. Johnston Physical Education Teacher/ Assistant Year 10 Leader
Mr A. Jones Engineering Technician
Mrs V. Knight Physical Education Teacher
Mrs S. Lake Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Mrs A. Longfield Science Teacher
Mrs C. Madden English Teacher
Mrs J. Marshall-Busawon Modern Foreign Languages Subject Lead
Miss L. McDonnell Product Design Teacher/ Assistant Year 9 Leader
Mrs S. Moore SLSA
Mr L. Morgan Student Services Year 11 Leader
Mrs B. Morley Physical Education Teacher/ Progress Leader

Staff at St. Hild's School (Continued)

Staff Member Department / Area of Work Role
Mrs W. Muir Finance Office Headteacher's P.A.
Miss M. Murray Religious Education Subject Lead
Mrs D. Myers Science Teacher
Mr M. Coe Performing Arts Subject Lead
Ms E. Owens Student Services Admin Assistant
Mrs S. Ramsey Science Teacher
Mr D. Richard Physical Education Subject Lead
Mr D. Richardson Head of Alternative Provision
Mrs N. Roberts Main Office Office Manager
Mrs G. Sangster WRL Careers Coordinator
Mr C. Seymour Geography / T & T Assistant Headteacher
Mrs R. Sheikh Geography Subject Lead
Mr N. Shires SLSA
Mr M. Skinner Site Supervisor
Mrs B. Smith English Teacher
Mrs S. Sotheran Student Services Year 10 Leader
Mrs K. Stainthorpe Science Teacher/ Assistant Year 11 Leader
Mr L. Stephenson Student Services Year 8 Leader
Mrs H. Stratford History Teacher/ Progress Leader
Mrs A. Thomas Religious Education Teacher/ Assistant Year 8 Leader
Mr S. Thompson Design & Technology Subject Lead
Mrs D. Todd Bridge Manager
Mrs D. Turnbull Maths Teacher
Mrs D. Wainwright Finance Office Finance & Personnel Officer
Miss N. Watson Teacher
Miss A. Wilcox Main Office Admin Assistant
Mr J. Wild English Teacher
Mrs J. Wilding Maths Teacher
Mr S. Wilkinson Science Technician
Mrs L. Williams Site Supervisor
Mrs J. Wilson SLSA
Mr S. Winwood SLSA
Mrs S. Wooldridge SLSA
Mr G. Wootton English Subject Lead
Mr J. Windram Site Team Senior Site Supervisor