Joining at the start of
Year 7

If you wish your child to attend St. Hild’s from the start of Year 7, you must complete an application form, even if you live in the admission zone for the school, which includes our five identified Partner Primary Schools – Barnard Grove, Clavering, St. Helen’s, Throston and West View.

Applications should be made on the Local Authority Common Application Form, and returned to the Local Authority by the published closing date. The admission number for St. Hild’s from September 2019 is 190. If the number of applications exceeds the number of places available, we have a formal detailed policy regarding the priorities which will be applied. Full details are in our current Admissions Policy. See also our current Admissions Appeal Timetable.

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Settling in Quickly

In close co-operation with our partner Primary Schools, we work very hard at ensuring that every child can make a smooth transition to Secondary School life at St. Hild's.

Contact starts as early as Year 5, and continues through Year 6 with regular visits by our teaching staff, plus at least two complete days spent at St. Hild's.

Our aim is that, when the children join us at the start of Year 7, they will already feel 'part of the family'.

In addition to the Primary Schools in our immediate locality, we have a close relationship with all four of the Church of England Primary Schools in the town and an increasing number of other schools.

We go to great lengths to ensure that every child can make a smooth transition from primary to secondary education - our aim is that they will begin to feel 'at home' at St. Hild's even before the official start of Year 7 in September.

The Admission criteria for September 2019 and September 2020 are set out in the Admission policies available via the following links:

Admissions Policy 2019               Admissions Policy 2020

Joining at other times

We pride ourselves on being able to make newcomers quickly feel welcome and 'at home'.
Visitors to school frequently comment on experiencing a real 'community feeling' and it is this quality which allows new students to settle in very quickly, whether or not they have come from our local North Hartlepool group of primary schools.
The same applies to new students whose families have relocated to Hartlepool – the feeling of 'being a stranger' is very short-lived indeed!

If you wish your child to transfer to St. Hild’s from another school at any time other than at the start of Year 7, please contact the Admissions Team at the Local Authority.

Please see our Admissions Policy  for the formal, detailed priorities which will be applied in the event of having to choose between more than one candidate.