Staff members with responsibilities
Mr G. Wootton – Head of English
Mr J. Wild – Second in English
Mrs C. Madden – English teacher & Communications
Mrs B. Smith – English Teacher
Ms J. Galloway – English Teacher
Ms K. Bailey – English Teacher

KS3 curriculum - what do you teach/what do you learn
We deliver a skills based curriculum in KS3 which prepares students for future study and promotes a deep understanding and enjoyment of the three core strands: reading, writing, and speaking & listening.

Students undertake genre studies, with common set texts. Examples include a thematic study of prejudice, incorporating poetry and non-fiction texts before students study ‘Of Mice and Men’ in depth.

Ultimately, the aim of the department is to expose students to excellent examples of language being put to effective use, and to encourage and enable students to utilise language more effectively themselves.

KS4 curriculum - what do you teach/what do you learn
Students are entered for AQA GCSE English Language and AQA GCSE English Literature. Over the course students will study Shakespeare, poetry, prose, drama, and a range of non-fiction texts. Students also have several opportunities to produce their own texts, and to engage in speaking & listening activities.

Qualifications gained

GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature.

Pathways into further education – what courses can students’ progress onto?

Students with a sound background in English will be looked on favourably by any institute of further education, but courses with a significant amount of reading and writing inherent to them are, naturally, even more interested. A-Levels in English Language, English Literature and History are a few examples of where our successful students have concentrated in their further education.

Course Guidance

Job opportunities
Employers requiring people to communicate, assimilate information, and listen and interact with others will look favourably on potential employees who have a history of success in English: whilst some professions like teaching and journalism may seem most obvious, it really is of benefit to everybody in all walks of life.