St. Hild’s pupils meet Holocaust Survivor

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St. Hild’s Church of England School pupils were able to meet and speak with Holocaust survivor Uri Winterstein, when he came to the school to talk about how the Holocaust affected families and individuals. During the visit Mr Winterstein was able to share his personal story with Year 10 pupils.

Headteacher, Mrs Gibson said the visit had been a moving and important experience for pupils. "Holocaust Memorial Day holds a key place on the calendar at St. Hild’s Church of England School, as it is important to us that our pupils are reminded about the extreme consequences of prejudice and racism."

She added, "On Holocaust Memorial Day Year 9 pupils were able to hear, via webcast, the emotional story of another Holocaust survivor, Janine Webber and today we welcome Uri Winterstein to our school so that Year 10 can hear, first hand, how the Holocaust affected families and individuals. This is living history and will help our pupils think about what this means to their lives today. We are grateful to Janine and to Uri for sharing their stories.”

After the two experiences both Year 9 and Year 10 pupils said the stories of the two Holocaust survivors had left a lasting impact on them, and that Ms Webber and Mr Winterstein will never be forgotten.

Year 9 pupil Sarah, listened to the webcast interview with Janine Webber and met Mr Winterstein. She said that listening to the two stories had been a ‘special experience.’ She said: “The webcast interview we had first gave me a valuable insight into the persecution of Jews, including the ghettos and the Gestapo. Meeting Uri also provided me with a special experience that helped me understand the consequences and impact of the Holocaust.” 

Bethany, another pupil from the attending group said: “The visit was a special day. It helped me to understand the consequences of the Holocaust and was so interesting for us all.”

Year 10 pupil Adam added that the meeting had been a ‘privilege.’ He said: “It was a privilege to meet Uri and to find out how the Holocaust affected people and his family, I won’t forget him.”