Space 2 Learn (S2L) Official Opening

Supporting image for Space 2 Learn (S2L) Official Opening

On Thursday 6th June 2019 we opened the state of the art Space 2 Learn building, which is located in the grounds of St. Hild’s Church of England school. This exciting new facility will offer a proactive, community and family based model of early intervention to support young people facing adverse childhood experiences. There will be a strong focus on building pupils’ academic, social, emotional and behavioural skills, self-belief and confidence to prepare them to return to mainstream schooling.

The facility primarily benefits young people in KS3/4 who are beginning to experience difficulties in their mainstream school; providing support and interventions for the mainstream school. It will work closely with pupils’ family members to include adult education and skills development and activities to enrich relationships between parent and child.

Young people will access S2L for a minimum of one academic term on a full/part time basis. A daily timetable will incorporate a combination of nurture group breakfast club, targeted wellbeing intervention, targeted literacy and numeracy programmes and enrichment curriculum. Core subjects will be taught in practical and creative means, such as animal husbandry, horticulture and cultural visits. Key skills in literacy and numeracy will be further developed through appropriate intervention programmes.

Sessions will be taught by specialist teachers, Specialist Learning Support Assistants and with the support of the SEND team and a Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist.