Little Shop of Horrors - School Production

Supporting image for Little Shop of Horrors - School Production

Over the course of three days, over 1000 people were able to enjoy this fantastic show, which included matinee performances for over 400 local primary school children.

Staff created larger than life props in the form of a man eating plant in all of its various stages of growth; ranging from a hand size puppet to a 6 foot monster, all with moving parts! The lead characters were played by two Year 8 pupils, Jack and Naomi, which in itself is an amazing achievement for such relatively young pupils. Naomi who played the female lead ‘Audrey’ exclaimed: “I really enjoyed the experience of Little Shop of Horrors; I have made so many best friends during the show. I encourage people to come and watch our next school show as it will be even bigger and better.”

‘Little Shop of Horrors’ was the first school production for several years. The cast included both staff and pupils from several year groups, which really brought the whole school together. Furthermore, much to the amusement of the audience, there was even a surprise appearance from the Headteacher, Mrs Tracey Gibson, who appeared on the last night as a patient of the evil dentist!


The Director of the show and Subject Leader of Performing Arts, Mrs Nergaard said: “I am so proud and absolutely thrilled with every single pupil who was involved. They worked incredibly hard, overcame fears and worked together as one unit to achieve a truly magical performance.”

All in all, parents, pupils, teachers and governors enjoyed a truly amazing show, and are all very much looking forward to the next one!