20th Annual Student Librarian Training Scheme Awards Ceremony

Supporting image for 20th Annual Student Librarian Training Scheme Awards Ceremony

St. Hild's Church of England School were pleased to welcome students, staff, parents and carers from all the schools who are taking part in the 20th Annual Student Librarian Scheme Awards Ceremony.

About the Student Librarian Training Scheme

Student volunteers are trained in library skills and produce work such as guides to their school library, posters and book reviews under the guidance of their school librarian. They issue and return books, help library users, put resources away and keep the library tidy. They are a valuable asset to any school.

This is the 20th year of the training scheme with 16 students successfully completing the first year’s training, 7 students have completed the Intermediate Level and 2 the Advanced Level.

Ian has had his travelling bookshop, New Horizon Books, for many years supplying schools the length and breadth of the country. He has supplied books for St. Hild’s and Henry Smith School Library before that often at a few days notice. Ian has often worked with our Student Librarians giving them the opportunity to select and purchase books for our LRC.


This is a valuable experience as it helps them take responsibility, making them think about the budget, where the gaps are in the stock etc. This gives them an insight into the role of a school librarian so it is not just stamping books and saying shhhhh, although that may be the best bit!